React.js for Mobile App Development: Unpredictable Match for The Cases

3 April 2024 Writer: Lera Grechanik 267 views

In the evolving IT world, the selection of tools for project building is getting harder each day. There are so many popular and not-so-well-known instruments, so how to choose?

The selection must always be based on the team's acquaintance with the particular stack.

But, if we are talking about the most utilized nowadays tools in our endeavor, it’s worth looking at
React.js for mobile application development. It may not seem obvious, but we are going to try to change our reader's mind.


We have already figured out the impact of applying React.js for web development. Though is React.js used for mobile app development? Let’s concern.

First of all, RJS is an instrument for UI assembly for web applications, so it wasn’t explicitly designed for constructing portative devices products. However, it can still be utilized for certain aspects of it, particularly for creating PWAs or hybrid mobile-desctop cases.

We won't deliver the reasons to use React.js for mobile app development by forming a back-and-forth about all the steps of RJS. Instead of this, let’s figure out all React.js development usefulness for diverse and, specialy, hybride dev.


Comprehending the specifics of approaches is crucial.

  • With the RJS package, you can create webpages that act in any mobile browser, independent of the device's operating system.

  • With the RN, you may construct multiplatform projects for iOS and Android smartphones or native apps.

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Do the benefits of React for mobile app development even exist? Or is it employed only cause of the hype?

The short answer — no. But let’s dive deeper into the topic.

  1. Multiplatform: It can assemble hybrid projects running on more-than-one OS, such as web, mobile, and desktop. This streamlines the production and ensures constant case behavior across OSs.

  2. Base Reuse: Coding written using RJS can be reused in various projects and OSs, thus significantly decreasing production time and supplying a unified style and functionality.

  3. Ecosystem and Instruments: RJS has a wide ecosystem of implements and catalogs that encourage the production cycle, such as Redux for managing the app's form, React Router for navigation, and multiple others.

  4. Undertaking: RJS provides high-performance thanks to the virtual DOM and the redraw mechanism. It is particularly important for hybrid cases, where undertaking can be problematic due to different approaches and media.

  5. Community Support: RJS is supported by a broad society that provides access to many resources, documentation, training materials, and assistance from experienced creators.

  6. Native Features: Implementing RN can add native modules to access device APIs and functions, allowing you to create powerful hybrid cases with a wide range of features.

Across-the-board, employing RJS for hybrid mobile-desktop dev supplies many advantages, even if you can't use it for the only mobile product.


You may still ask yourself: Why pick RJS and RN for mobile app dev if it wasn’t created for it? 

RJS, unlike RN, is not usually used directly to design mobile cases. It is mostly used to create web-based UIs. RN, however, which is also based on React, allows the use of React details to forge portable OS projects easily.

With RN, you can utilize React parts to construct a JS-based UI and then translate it into native code for each target platform. RN is the best option for producing portative device projects. Because of this, creators may write JS coding for both media once, considerably simplifying and expediting the dev process.

Therefore, if you plan to apply React.js for mobile app development, you should focus on combining it with RN to build a hybrid mobile-desktop case utilizing React parts and JS.

It is an unobvious decision, so to realize this idea, it is better to contact a professional outsourcing crew with outstanding experience in that area.

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