Much-Needed Features in Restaurant App Development

22 September 2023 Writer: Lera Grechanik 941 views

In the era of mobile apps, not having one makes businesses lag behind their rivals. This fact holds steady for the restaurant business. Additionally, restaurants may gain from restaurant industry trends in a variety of ways, including greater sales, automation, enhanced operation efficiency, client attraction and retention, and more. However, it is the restaurant app features that make it happen, not the existence of an app.

While reasons why develop a mobile app for restaurants may sound fairly alluring, It's natural to have questions like what to include in the app to assist your company in achieving a certain goal. This blog post will delve into fundamental restaurant mobile app features, catering to various types of apps in this industry.

Purpose-Different Features of a Restaurant App

Food app ideas are diverse, serving a range of purposes. As a result, each type necessitates a distinct bunch of restaurant mobile app features tailored to achieve specific objectives. Let's explore the most prevalent restaurant app categories and the essential features required to accomplish their respective goals.

Restaurant Location App

Restaurant locator apps assist users in discovering restaurants within a specific geographic area. These apps preserve an up-to-date database of restaurants in the vicinity.

The restaurant app features include the following obligatory components:

  • Signing up and logging in;
  • Filtered search for a restaurant;
  • Restaurant listing;
  • Restaurant info and photos;
  • Feedback and ratings;
  • Menu;
  • GPS and maps. 

Table Reservation Restaurant App

Today, young people don’t like phone calls and strive to avoid them. A compelling motive for a restaurant business to consider a table reservation app is the incorporation of features in restaurant app development that eliminate the necessity for phone calls. In addition, the app makes reserving a table faster, as there is no chance that the phone will be busy or no one will pick up the phone. 

So, if you’re looking to enable table reservations, take into account the following features in restaurant app development:

  • Signing up and logging in;
  • Calendar of availability;
  • Data and time selection;
  • Table booking with an ability to enter details like several visitors, etc.;
  • Menu;
  • Geolocation;
  • Feedback and ratings.

Food Delivery App

Utilizing a food delivery app can serve as a means to broaden the business, attract fresh clientele, and boost sales. Projections indicate that the worldwide online food delivery market will surge to $132.2 billion by 2027, maintaining its current level of $132.2 billion. The importance of deliveries in our daily lives is undeniable, offering an excellent opportunity for restaurant business expansion due to its sheer convenience.

Drawing from Celadonsoft's expertise in restaurant software development, such software typically comprises distinct applications designed for customers, administrators, and delivery personnel.

Customer’s functions for the restaurant app:

  • Signing up and logging in;
  • In-app search;
  • menu;
  • carts and ordering;
  • geographic location and maps;
  • Delivery status;
  • In-app Payment with numerous methods;
  • Notifications;
  • Ratings and feedback.

Delivery person’s functions for the restaurant app:

  • Signing up and logging in;
  • Customer’s contact info;
  • MessenIn-app calls to a client or manager or messenger;
  • GPS-powered maps to make up a route;
  • Notifications.

Features for restaurant app’s admin panel:

  • Signing up and logging in;
  • Tracking of drivers’ route and delivery time;
  • Automated order distribution;
  • Customer’s contact info;
  • Delivery people management;
  • Calls or messenger;
  • Notifications.

Ordering App

Food ordering apps can encompass both delivery and in-restaurant orders, offering convenience and efficiency. Pre-ordering allows diners to dodge the time spent waiting for their order.; it's prepared and ready at a specified time. Takeaway orders are expedited as well, eliminating the wait time for food cooking by allowing customers to pick up their orders at a designated time. These apps play a pivotal role in expanding a restaurant's customer base and boosting sales.

Furthermore, these apps often double as transparent payment solutions, enhancing the billing process. They can replace traditional paper menus and offer customers a variety of payment options, improving overall convenience.

So, what essential features of a restaurant app are required to ensure the app’s effectiveness:

  • Signing up and logging in;
  • In-app search;
  • Interactive menu;
  • Carts and ordering;
  • Geographic location for picking the closest restaurant;
  • Order status tracking;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Automated billing;
  • Payments and bill split;
  • Tips.

Loyalty Program App

While loyalty programs may be built into other restaurant app types, they may also arrive as separate apps. Such apps contribute to customer retention and loyalty, motivate customers to buy more, and help to attract new customers. 

Such a restaurant app aims to lure people in with compelling deals. Here’s the list of mobile app features for a restaurant vital to realize the app's purpose:

  • Signing up and logging in;
  • Many sorts of bonuses (discounts, complimentary food and beverages, special offers);
  • User reward configuration (for admin panel);
  • Menu;
  • Pre-ordering;
  • Payment;
  • Notifications.

The array of features for the restaurant app could extend well beyond those highlighted in this article, which has already addressed a vital set of functionalities. Depending on your specific business requirements and preferences, collaborating with your technology partner will be crucial in crafting a distinct feature set tailored to maximize the benefits of your restaurant application.

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Restaurant Application Development Geared Towards Achieving Business Objectives

Creating an app that doesn't consider your business's unique traits is unlikely to foster growth. Your choice of features should be closely tied to your specific restaurant business and its objectives. How to make a restaurant app that would be targeted to your unique objectives? To achieve success in this endeavor, it's essential to partner with professionals in the domain that places your goals at the forefront of your efforts.

At Celadonsoft, we specialize in software development, with a strong foothold in the restaurant industry. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals dedicated to crafting an app that will propel your business forward. Our process begins with thorough research to pinpoint the most effective mobile app features for a restaurant, followed by the selection of a modern and efficient stack tailored for restaurants. Our designers will create an intuitive, user-friendly interface based on industry-leading UI/UX practices, and our quality assurance engineers will leave no stone unturned in detecting and rectifying any issues. What's more, even after the app launch, Celadonsoft's developers remain committed to supporting your journey to success.

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