Mobile App Maintenance Costs: How to Calculate App Needs in 2023

15 August 2023 Writer: Alexei Falco 3380 views

Supporting software holds a crucial role for developers. While a product might initially appear flawless, unforeseen bugs can emerge over time, no matter how diligently security concerns have been addressed.

Taking care of your program in the long term is imperative to preempt errors and incorporate new features. Therefore, when in the planning phase, it's important to balance the costs of development and maintenance. A team that takes on your project not only can address issues as they arise but also becomes well-versed in the technical intricacies, enabling them to troubleshoot effectively.

Importance of Timely Maintenance of the Application

Maintaining and supporting a mobile application holds immense importance in ensuring its overall performance remains optimal. By keeping your software updated, you can rebrand, redesign, implement new features, introduce user discount systems, and more without disrupting any core functions. 

Let's explore its impact in greater detail:

1. Shields Your Program from Visual and Technical Glitches

Technology companies consistently advance their devices and operating systems. If a game or utility remains unmodified, it becomes incompatible. Consequently, individuals with newer devices might be unable to utilize a program launched 5-10 years ago. Certain reported issues, such as security malfunctions and frontend or UX/UI glitches, can be identified and rectified well before they manifest.

2. Updates the Interface to Align with Modern Trends

The digital market evolves, introducing novel methods of development and design. Functions that were once complex to implement are now considered basic standards. Over time, certain UI and UX elements become outdated, making it advisable to remove or replace them with more useful alternatives. This action optimizes storage and accelerates internal processes within the code.

3. Enhances Features to Reduce Uninstallations

When companies introduce and promote new applications, they often prioritize virality and download numbers. However, the most critical aspect to consider is user engagement. The software should be so enjoyable that prospective customers find it pleasurable to use. Mobile app maintenance expenses are worthwhile, as your creation should outshine others for as long as possible. Investing in software that captivates users, provides entertainment, and fulfills buyer needs is a prudent choice.

4. Bolsters Payment Security

Certain endeavors involve financial transactions (e.g., online shops, delivery services, and banking utilities). Swift and secure transactions are paramount, necessitating the proper functioning of essential protocols. The same applies to sensitive information like personal names and account details. The cost of app maintenance encompasses maintaining payment gateways and regular updates.

5. Prevents Downtimes

The term 'downtime' refers to periods of inactivity due to unplanned incidents or scheduled maintenance. Such occurrences become problematic unless anticipated by experts. They can be resolved through measures like adapting to the latest device models or implementing robust anti-hacking defenses. Downtimes pose risks to developers, as they result in revenue losses. Hence, technical specialists are dedicated to averting such mishaps.

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Main Factors Affecting the Cost of Application Maintenance

1. Troubleshooting & Ongoing Enhancements

Releasing software on various platforms is just the beginning; many post-launch tasks remain unfinished.

Most IT companies offer vigilant monitoring and fine-tuning. Generally, these activities serve as preventive measures and don't incur substantial charges. However, if significant issues arise or new functionalities are introduced, the application maintenance cost can notably escalate.


2. Configuration for Android or iOS

The sway of major corporations driving trends is hard to overlook. Embrace IOS & Android app maintenance to effectively convey your business values.

Functionality testing stands as a pivotal stage in the development journey, requiring precision. Consulting an IT expert is a prudent choice. Reputable firms might charge a premium for mobile application maintenance services, yet the investment in reputation and future revenue is bound to be worthwhile.

3. Uploading Relevant Content & Visuals

The human mind predominantly processes information visually. This underscores the importance of a well-crafted backend featuring fluid animations, lifelike imagery, sleek buttons, and ornamental elements. Pay equal attention to textual content, especially in blog posts or descriptions, as they shape your brand's voice. These are tools that effectively resonate with the target audience, ultimately driving sales growth.

It's essential to incorporate multimedia elements with the expertise of professionals. Mishandling can disrupt layout and functionality, deterring potential clients. This highlights that investing in mobile app maintenance costs is a judicious step toward achieving agenda success.

4. Metrics and Optimization

Digital promotion elevates your sales campaign, making result assessment pivotal. Based on various key performance indicators (KPIs), your managers determine the efficacy of this lead source. If it draws more buyers, there's no cause for concern. If not, your creation lacks user engagement.

Analyzing metrics helps identify periods of low traffic: security breaches, glitches, and updates. While Google Analytics suffices for basic data, our team specializes in ongoing maintenance and employs more sophisticated techniques for comprehensive analysis.

5. Hosting upkeeping

Moving forward, attention shifts to the software's repository and backend. The market offers a plethora of hosting choices, but we recommend options like AWS and similar cloud-based solutions. The benefit lies in paying solely for the server configurations you actively utilize.

Do note that this system might entail additional charges for application licensing.

6. External Services Refinement

If your project necessitates third-party integrations—such as social media sign-ins or banking transactions—be prepared for supplementary costs. For more insights into the cost of app maintenance, reach out to the technical support teams of potential partners. 

7. Managing APIs

This aspect is pivotal for security, scalability, and adjustments. APIs serve as components that enable adaptability and growth aligned with your objectives. Essentially, they outline the protocols governing how two programs can interact with each other.

8. Additional Considerations

During the planning phase, essential elements can be overlooked, potentially leading to inaccuracies in the overall cost estimation. If your question is how much does it cost to maintain an app, take into account these finer points:

  • Complexity — More intricate functionalities require more intricate handling, making them relatively more expensive.

  • Technological Foundations — The existing frameworks and gateways that underpin the application impact the cost. The fee is influenced by the technologies and expertise required. A quick tip: Maintenance costs tend to rise when you develop separate components for two platforms. Opting for a unified hybrid approach involves clever strategies that expedite the release process.

Engage a dedicated development team for a consultation to ascertain your specific requirements. Collaborating with partners enables you to gain insights into potential pricing and timelines."

How to Calculate a Cost Estimate for Maintaining a Mobile App in 2023

Pinpointing an exact budget for application maintenance costs can be challenging due to their fluctuating nature. However, here are some strategies that might assist in addressing the question, "How much does it cost to maintain an app":

  • The financial outlay is influenced by whether you hire a full team of engineers or individual freelancers;
  • Anticipated maintenance costs typically amount to around 20% of the total investment;
  • The average annual cost of app maintenance ranges from $400 to $900. This variance hinges on factors like location, technologies involved, and the nature of development;
  • Consider including marketing strategy expenses in the application maintenance cost as a contingency measure;
  • The rate is also influenced by geographical location. For instance, in the USA, the hourly rate could range from roughly $50 to $150, whereas in regions like Asia or India, it might be around $15 to $40.

To sum up, supervisory costs typically constitute 15-20% of the overall expense for mobile application development services.

Can Mobile Application Maintenance Costs Be Reduced?

If the expenses seem daunting for your business, worry not. Continue reading to discover strategies for significant savings.

1. Opt for the Right Path

This initial decision heavily impacts the financial and resource investment required for the project. There are two primary routes to consider:

  • Native Development
  • Cross-Platform Development

The first option is tailored to a single operating system. For instance, if you intend to release your software on App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play, you'll need to create three distinct versions. On the flip side, these versions can leverage each OS's capabilities to the fullest. They tend to be faster and occupy less storage space, which is advantageous for device performance.

The cross-platform approach represents a more cost-effective endeavor. You can spend less on developing an application compatible with multiple platforms, albeit with some functional limitations. It's a pragmatic long-term solution—reaching a broader solvent audience simultaneously. 

2. Prioritize an MVP

An MVP refers to an initial version of the application. It's accessed by a small group of regular users who provide honest feedback. This feedback serves as valuable insight for subsequent enhancements. As you add more features, the risk of crashes and uploading delays increases, potentially diminishing overall efficiency.

To determine essential features, analyze your competitors. Observe their engagement and interaction with users through their digital tools. Align your expectations with your budget while making informed decisions.

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Celadonsoft takes pride in our methodical approach to every project. Our developers boast over five years of experience in solving challenges of various complexities. We are dedicated to embracing the latest trends while preserving your distinct style, uniqueness, and messaging. Our collaborative ethos spans across industries, including Gaming, Medical Care, E-tech, Fin-tech, E-commerce & Logistics without any bias.


Concluding Remarks

Responsibilities persist even after app deployment. Maintenance, akin to hosting, demands careful attention. To ensure the seamless functioning of your app, allocate resources for maintenance in your budget. This practice ensures consistent revenue, favorable user feedback, and the establishment of public trust.

If you're uncertain about where to begin, simply click on the "Contact Us" button and complete the form. Our technical support team will promptly respond to provide guidance. Throughout the development process, our team is dedicated to assisting you at every stage, from conceptualization to promotion.

Our co-founder and CEO, has not just a thumb in business processes. He also loves to write. His entrepreneurship and management experience allows him to create content of high value for the customers and the blog readers.

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How much does it cost to maintain an app?
Head of Sales

We cannot certainly state how much does it cost to maintain an app. The outcome rests on what you want to see in the end. You may optimize the spending by:

  • Putting your money into the right platform;
  • Listening to users’ opinions and eliminating unnecessary parts doesn’t sit well.
What’s the level of cost of maintaining an app in 2023?

The next phase after launching is controlling and sustaining your program. The mobile app maintenance costs are prolongable, so set aside approximately 15-20% of the money you spend on developing — that is the volume of an annual payout. If you paid $10k, then the tariff is going to be $2k a year.

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