Kotlin Evolution: What Is Kotlin Used For

24 November 2023 Writer: Lera Grechanik 568 views

What is Kotlin? Yes, it would be right if we had a few words about its essence first. Kotlin, born out of JetBrains' visionary pursuit of a more modern and expressive programming language, has not only met but exceeded expectations since its inception in 2011.

Recently, the language achieved an outstanding milestone, securing the 15th position in the esteemed TIOBE Index and claiming a 1% market share among programming languages. This accomplishment underscores Kotlin's growing influence and importance. As Kotlin's market share continues to grow, its impact on the programming community becomes more pronounced. The language has positioned itself as a strong contender among the top programming languages, offering a compelling alternative for developers seeking a balance between modern features and seamless integration with existing technologies.

This article delves into the key aspects of Kotlin's success, from its TIOBE triumph to its market share milestone, exploring what is Kotlin used for and its profound impact on real-world applications.


What Is Kotlin Programming Language Used For: The Benefits

The TIOBE Index stands as a crucial barometer for measuring the popularity of programming languages. By meticulously analyzing search engine queries and social media discussions, the index provides invaluable insights into language trends. 

Kotlin's ascent to the 15th position in the TIOBE Index is a testament to its widespread adoption and acceptance among developers. Why Kotlin? The elements that lead to achieving positive outcomes of this software development technology include Kotlin benefits like concise syntax, robust null safety features, seamless interoperability with Java, etc. 

Less Code

Kotlin code is more efficient than Java code due to its concise syntax. This lets engineers to perform similar tasks using less code, which results in code that is easier to read and write while also reducing the chance of errors.

Null Safety

Software development has been facing issues with null pointer exceptions for a long time, but Kotlin's null safety features have tackled this problem effectively. Kotlin has a type system that is designed to eliminate null pointer exceptions, which are a common cause of bugs in Java. As a result, your code becomes more robust and reliable.

Interoperability with Java

Kotlin's full compatibility with Java is an essential aspect, which allows for incorporating all the existing Java libraries and frameworks into your Kotlin projects. Moreover, it also facilitates the gradual shift from Java code to Kotlin.

The language's rise signifies not just a change in preference but a paradigm shift towards more efficient and developer-friendly technologies. At the same time, the meteoric rise of Kotlin in the TIOBE Index indicates a global acknowledgment of its capabilities.

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Kotlin's Versatility: Using Kotlin for Android App Development and Beyond

One of the key factors contributing to Kotlin's success is its remarkable versatility. Among developers worldwide, this language is a popular choice due to its remarkable capacity to perform exceptionally well in different areas. Let's delve into what is Kotlin programming language used for in diverse specializations:

Using Kotlin for Android App Development 

Kotlin has gained immense popularity for developing Android applications, making it the most widely used programming language presently due to its effortless integration with existing Java codebases, as well as its exceptional features such as coroutines and extension functions. This has led to a considerable increase in developer productivity and app performance.

Using Kotlin for Server-Side Development

Kotlin has become popular in server-side development in addition to mobile applications. Its strong features and clear syntax make it a great choice for creating maintainable and scalable server applications. Kotlin's proficiency in this area is demonstrated by frameworks like Ktor.

Using Kotlin for Web Development

Kotlin's influence extends to web development, with frameworks like Ktor providing a modern and expressive environment. Its interoperability with JavaScript, through tools like Kotlin/JS, allows developers to leverage existing JavaScript libraries and opens up new possibilities for web development.

Kotlin has the capability to be transpiled into JavaScript, enabling you to compile front-end code. However, if you’re looking for full-stack coding, consider Next.js development services.

Kotlin's versatility is a key factor behind why Kotlin is used in programming so widely. As a multi-paradigm language, it adapts well to various programming styles, from object-oriented to functional programming. This flexibility makes it suitable for a broad range of applications, attracting developers from different domains.

Well-Known Apps Built with Kotlin

Kotlin has been extensively used in real-world projects and has proven to be a highly effective language. Its capabilities and benefits have been exemplified in the examples below, cementing its position as the language for creating robust applications. It has proven itself to be both reliable and powerful, cementing its status.


Trello, a well-known and widely used collaboration tool, has recently incorporated Kotlin into its Android application development process. The decision to adopt Kotlin was made by the Trello team after evaluating the benefits of the programming language, particularly in terms of its ease of use, safety, and maintainability.

To take full advantage of Kotlin, the Trello team has "Kotlinized" key functions in its Android app and developed new features based on this language. One of the most significant benefits of this integration is that it simplifies task management across team members. With Kotlin, each member can easily access all of the boards they are assigned to, which makes it easier to collaborate on tasks and stay in sync.

In addition to this, each board in Trello's Android app contains lists with task cards that can be easily moved up and down as needed. This level of flexibility and customization is possible thanks to Kotlin's concise syntax and powerful features, which enable developers to write more efficient and maintainable code.

Overall, the adoption of Kotlin by Trello has been a smart move that has helped the company enhance its Android app and provide a better user experience for its millions of users around the world.


The note-taking giant has incorporated Kotlin into its Android app development, experiencing the language's benefits.

By integrating Kotlin, Evernote has improved its app's existing features. Kotlin enables Evernote to offer users more options, such as scanning handwritten notes, photos, audio, and to-do lists. 

Evernote's Android app can directly communicate with the Evernote web service via their API, providing full access to users' Evernote accounts. This access enables the app to create new notes, update and read existing notes, and execute all operations performed by Evernote's own client apps.


The programming language Kotlin was officially declared as the recommended and preferred language for developing Android applications at the 2019 Google I/O conference. As a result, most of the Android applications developed by Google are now written using Kotlin. 

The Google Home team serves as a good example of how Kotlin can improve Android app development. After transitioning to Kotlin, the team saw a significant decrease of 33% in occurrences of NullPointerExceptions. As a result, the user experience became much more stable and efficient, making Kotlin a valuable asset in Android app development.

Integrated features for converting Java code into Kotlin are included within Android Studio's outstanding Kotlin support. Google is dedicated to delivering exceptional Kotlin support within the Android Studio ecosystem.

These real-world examples highlight Kotlin's versatility and effectiveness in powering applications with millions of users. From improved development speed to enhanced code maintainability, Kotlin has become a go-to choice for companies aiming to deliver top-notch user experiences.

You Can Leverage Kotlin to Develop a Project With a Professional Team

What is Kotlin programming? Kotlin programming is focused on three main aspects - brief syntax, strong null safety attributes, and effortless compatibility with Java. Kotlin's journey, marked by its recent achievements in the TIOBE Index and market share, signifies a significant change in the way programming is approached. Its success is not only a triumph for developers seeking efficient and expressive tools but also a boon for businesses aiming to build robust, scalable applications. Kotlin has proven its mettle in various domains, from Android app development services to server-side and web development, making it a versatile language that resonates with a diverse developer community.

As we look to the future, Kotlin's continued evolution promises further innovations and enhancements, solidifying its place as a key player in the world of programming languages. The language's potential impact on the industry is vast, influencing the way developers approach software development and shaping the next generation of applications.

Staying ahead is paramount in the rapidly changing world of technology. Celadonsoft is well-equipped to assist you in turning your Android app concepts into reality as Kotlin continues to revolutionize our approach to software development.

If you're interested in utilizing Kotlin for your next project, don't hesitate to contact us and find out how it can benefit you.


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