Is Xamarin Dead? The Developer’s Opinion

6 May 2024 Writer: Lera Grechanik 1299 views

After May 2020, the world of portable device dev has changed. Microsoft, the creator of this technology, said that MAUI would take the place of Xamarin Forms in November 2021. In May 2024, they will completely stop maintaining this technology, making its choice even more meaningless. Its popularity has already declined every year, and now the use of XF has become extremely useless. 

Nevertheless, in 2024, “Is Xamarin dead?“ is still popular in the industry. This fact can initiate misunderstanding and panic in the IT company owner's mind.

So today, we will try to give a certain answer to “Is Xamarin Forms dead?” And, which is more important, how to save the projects written on it.

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Firstawall, let's find out: what is Xamarin Forms? It was created in 2011 and was supposed to be a top pick for portable device case production. In theory, this instrument seems to hold a lot pursuing it, despite in practice, it has proven to stand bloated, poorly developed, and full of bugs.

It was the trigger mechanism to replace this technology with a more relevant Xamarin alternative.

With Forms, creators may construct multiplatform apps with several common GUI elements, which is impossible with XN (Xamarin. Native). By the way, XN is multiplatform compatible, nonetheless, you must write your UI base twice, one per OS.

As expected, the majority of teams appear to detest utilizing it. Everything about it is needlessly complicated to use. In fact, many companies transfer their Xamarin project to the new and more true-to-life React Native development. Our experienced RN team is not the exception.

Nowadays, the Xamarin app in 2024 is one of the endangered species. It has to fight for the attention of engineers with newer and, most importantly, free options. And in these battles, his luck isn’t on his side.


Future of Xamarin? Well, you start to question if a product framework that is nine years old can be saved when it starts to deteriorate compared to more recent competitors' tools.

It will be impossibly hard to find new Xamarin applications in 2024. It is mostly utilized for the old and simple projects created by this instrument cause of the hardness of the case on the other platform conversation. Because of the financial commitment, some businesses might wish to continue making Xamarin apps 2024, but honestly, it's a risk. Especially after the last announcement of Micro.

There are many points of why XF failed:

  • Evolving Ecosystems: The portative dev landscape evolves rapidly. Newer frameworks and technologies may have emerged that offer better features, performance, or ease of use than this one.

  • Platform-Specific Advancements: Native development platforms for iOS and Android (Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android) may have introduced new features or improvements that are not easily accessible or well-supported.

  • Community Support: A thriving and active society is critical for the success of a framework. If its community support has diminished, creators might be less glad to utilize it.

  • Performance Concerns: Those apps historically faced some performance overhead due to the abstraction layer between C# code and the native platform. If performance remains a concern, teams might opt for more efficient alternatives.

  • Adoption of New Technologies: The industry may have shifted towards newer technologies or paradigms, such as Flutter or RN, which gained popularity for their simplicity and performance.

  • Corporate Strategy: Changes in corporate strategy, ownership, or support for it by Microsoft might influence its current relevance and future development.

    But, despite its possible availability, Microsoft has put an end to this question. The death of XF will force teams to find an alternative and move existing projects to them.


As an idea, this framework could be one of the most comfortable to use. But many unsuccessful decisions put it on an outsider's list.

Nevertheless, Xamarin's future is buried, mobile dev, in general, is not. It is enough to compare Xamarin and React NativeRN is one of the top directions in the industry, and almost any desktop case has its version for portable devices written on RN. Even if XF is outdated, other technologies are still evolving, and utilizing them is still a grate option.

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