How to Build a Parking App: Cost Calculation and Steps to Take

14 April 2023 Writer: Lera Grechanik 619 views

Technology has made it easier for drivers to find parking spots through parking apps that can reserve or locate available parking spaces in real time. Car parking app development also presents opportunities for entrepreneurs to partner with parking app developers to drive traffic to their physical locations and discover new profitable ventures. 

Common issues that can be resolved with parking applications include finding available parking spaces, reducing traffic congestion, managing parking resources, reducing overcrowding, simplifying parking regulations, and finding cost-effective parking options. 

In the previous article, we talked about how such apps work and what must be taken into account if one decides to go for parking app development. Today we offer you to discuss the costs and how to create a parking app.

Parking App Development Cost

The budget are one of the primary matters when talking about how to make a parking app. The costs of any mobile app development services and web app development services are prone to fluctuate as the cost calculations rely on several factors.

For example, the size and complexity of the project can have a significant impact, as can the level of customization required. Additionally, the experience and skill of the development team can also affect the cost, as more experienced developers may command higher rates. 

Other factors to consider include the type of platform being developed, the integration of any third-party APIs or services, and the potential need for ongoing maintenance and support. The same holds true for the car parking app development cost. 

The primary parking app includes three user interfaces with their own features to make the app work. Below, we’re repeating the list of features with added hours required for the development. 

Driver’s Interface

Parking Space Owner’s Interface

Admin Panel Interface

Total development hours equal to 1,036. Apart from the development, the app cost calculation also includes UX/UI design (UX/UI design (120 hours), Project management (138 hours), and QA (138n hours).

Taking into account these factors, the time required for their development, the developer’s hourly rate, and the approximate parking app development cost range start from $35,000.

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Car Parking App Development in Stages

Developing a car parking app is a complex process that involves several stages. From setting your objectives to launching and updating your app, each stage is critical to the success of your app. Here are the key steps involved in developing a car parking app.

Determine Your Objectives and Create a Business Plan

Before starting the development process, it is essential to define the app's objectives and create a business plan. This plan should outline your app's goals, target audience, and marketing strategy. You should also identify the key features and functionality that your app will offer. This will help you to stay focused on your goals, get a clear understanding of how to build a parking app, and ensure that you allocate resources appropriately.

Conducting Research

Conducting research is essential to understanding the market and identifying opportunities for your app. This research should include an analysis of your target audience, your competitors, and the current market for car parking apps. You should also identify any emerging trends or technologies that could impact your app's development.

Moreover, you should also consider conducting a SWOT analysis to help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your app. This can provide you with insights on how to create a car parking app standing out from the competition.

Prepare Your Technical Requirements

Once you have identified the market opportunity, it is important to prepare your technical requirements. This includes selecting the appropriate platform and programming language for your app. You should also consider any third-party tools or APIs that you will need to integrate into your app. Furthermore, you may want to consider developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test your app’s features and functionalities before investing in full-scale app development.

Create UI/UX Design and Build an App

Designing an engaging and user-friendly UI/UX is critical to the success of your app. This process involves designing the user interface and user experience of your app. 

After finalizing the design, it’s time to move forward and develop the frontend and backend of the app using the selected technology stack. 

You should also ensure that your app is optimized for performance and security. In addition, you may want to consider developing a prototype to test the functionalities of your app.

Test the App and Fix Bugs

Testing is an important part of the development process and should be carried out at different stages of the app's development. Testing helps to identify and fix bugs and ensure that the app is working smoothly. You should also consider conducting user testing to get feedback from your target audience.

Think Through the Marketing Campaign

To ensure the success of your app, it is important to plan and execute a marketing campaign. This includes identifying key influencers and thought leaders in the industry, developing a social media strategy and building a website to promote your app. You should also consider investing in paid advertising to drive downloads and user engagement.

Additionally, you may want to consider developing a content marketing strategy to help you build your brand and increase your app’s visibility. Usually, content marketing deals with can developing blog posts, videos, infographics, and other types of content that are relevant to your target audience.

Launch and Update

Finally, it's time to launch your app and start updating it regularly. This will help you ensure that your app remains relevant and valuable to your target audience. You should also consider collecting feedback from your users and making updates to your app based on their feedback.

In addition, you may want to consider developing a customer support strategy to help you address any issues or questions that your users may have. This can help you build trust with your users and increase their engagement with your app.

By following these stages, you can be sure to build a car parking app that meets the needs of its users and stands out in a crowded market.

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