How an On-Demand Car Repair App Helps Businesses To Build Its Revenue

19 October 2022 Writer: Lera Grechanik 629 views

A fully functional web app has now become rather more of a must than a point of automotive marketing trends in 2022. Apps for vehicle maintenance and repair can both bring savings to customers along with increased safety and welfare. Automotive software development services are gaining momentum. 

It is common for many people worldwide to travel by car regularly, and auto maintenance is never out of the question. Well, there are many avenues you can come up with to source expert mechanics—auto repair centers, private specialists, etc. Aggregating several businesses in one place, allowing users to narrow down their searches using specific filters is rather convenient. That's why technology makes inroads into the automotive market, and automotive software development is especially valuable to the auto service industry.

A well-designed app is definitely a go-getter, but how to make your auto repair shop profitable thanks to technology? It's a matter of marketing, or more precisely, a properly configured marketing campaign. In this article, we'll talk about marketing or how to make money in the automotive industry with an app. Also, this write-up applies to those, who are wondering how to promote a car dealership.

Car Service Marketing Ideas

The success of marketing lies in the benefits your app will provide. Because the app connects supply and demand, in other words, customizers with vendors, the app must deliver value to both. The value is the main criterion for how to increase the auto repair business. It also serves to question how to run a dealership. Let’s look at the automotive shop ideas that can bring value and may bring you marketing ideas for auto repair and other spheres in the industry.

Vehicle Service Software Owner Perks

  • An app is the answer to how to increase vehicle inflow in a workshop. Car service software helps in reaching new clients, especially those whom it would not be possible to find via alternative avenues. Thus, If we talk about dealership apps, they know how to increase dealership sales.
  • In-app approvals of orders and other workflows are made automatic and in a paper-free way. This solves the problem of “How to manage an auto repair shop with ultimate Performance?”.
  • With the auto service app, customers' needs and behaviors can be understood by compiling all of their statistical data.
  • Notifications to clients and staff give them the necessary info and details.
  • Complementary promotion of your car service business, regardless of whether it's a startup or a reputable enterprise.
  • Delivering the greatest user experience to your clients and encouraging them to stay tuned to your app regularly.
  • Building confidence with your community.
  • Unmatched marketing power—with the auto service app, customers' needs and behaviors can be understood by compiling all of their statistical data.

A properly engineered automotive service software for an auto repair shop boasts many of the benefits a customer can enjoy, including

  • Scheduling appointments free of phoning or messaging
  • Expense calculations, which can be accessed upfront
  • New service, spare parts and deals updates
  • Pre-scheduled service and maintenance reminders
  • Forewarning of malfunctions
  • Choice of technician
  • Overall client friendliness

Implementing these will make auto service software creation especially valuable to the auto service industry.

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Roadmap of How to Make Money in the Automotive Industry with an App

  1. The car owner signs in to the app and picks a car model
  2. They select the requested service and receive a quote for the service they require instantly
  3. The customer schedules an appointment
  4. The technician completes the desired services to the car and returns it
  5. The user executes an online payment using the in-app gateways

Car Service Marketing Ideas: Features to Add

When it comes to the application, the main value is achieved by introducing features. If your feature set meets your users' needs, that way you can increase your profits. Let's understand what features are necessary for automobile service marketplace development.

Instant Quote

None of us would want to order services without knowing the final cost. The transparent calculator built into the app, which takes into account all necessary aspects, increases the speed of decision-making.

Real-Time Track

Real-time tracking comes as one of the key features when building an automotive repair app. It lets customers keep track of the approximate time a mechanic arrives around their place and monitor the work process in real-time. Customers will enjoy receiving updates and experience a greater sense of connectedness with the app. In addition, the convenience for users makes it more likely that they will use the services when they need them.

Payment Options

The primary purpose of car repair and service application development is customer comfort and satisfaction, which, as we said before, is the solution to the “how to increase sales” problem. They will pay for services as long as they are pleased with them. But it would be a shame if your business offers quality services, but due to the inability to make payment conveniently, you will lose a customer. App developers need to provide a variety of payment methods. Opt for methods that are considered the most popular in your location. In addition, the payment process should be swift, secure, and hassle-free.

This feature will also help you if you are looking for an answer to the question How do car dealerships attract customers”.

Built-in Chats

If you have ever ordered services online, then you understand how important it is to be able to communicate with the service provider. There may be various situations that need to be discussed between the customer and the vendor. The customer may want to clarify details, etc. Therefore, you should consider an online chat feature that will get the customer instantly in touch with the service provider or seek help via live chat.

Intelligent Search

Intelligent search increases the chances that a customer will find the service or professional they need. Offer smart search, filtering, and sorting options to drive your users to their preferred service or professional. Provide search filters so vehicle owners can easily find the services and convenient service hours as well as mechanics based on their expertise, experience, and other factors.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings increase the app's trust level. Give users the ability to leave reviews and ratings for services or mechanics provided. They help others know if the quality is up to par. After all, no one wants to buy a pig in a poke, right? A high level of trust encourages customers to return.

Professional’s Dashboard

To increase profits and maintain business, it is not only those who pay who are important, but also those who provide their services. Without supply, there is no demand. So you, as a business owner, need to make sure that your app solves the problems of service providers, too. Create a mechanic's dashboard with the following features: 

  • Display complete to request information, including date and time, schedule, status, and updates.
  • The ability to update the status and manage the service
  • Tracking the customer's location
  • Payment collection methods

The feature set is not limited to the features listed. It may be expanded based on the business needs and what goals you’re trying to achieve with the app. 

The features are also may be introduced in dealership apps. Pivoting on the marketing Ideas for a car dealership, the feature set may stretch far beyond the mentioned ones.

Automotive Software Development Services by Celadonsoft

A vehicle service management software is software that makes management easier. Whether you are searching for tips for how to increase dealer profitability or how to manage a truck repair shop, or maybe your concern is how to attract customers to a car dealership. Any inquiry related to the car industry marketplace can be fulfilled with wise and qualified app development.

It helps automate all routines by introducing vehicle service record software, slashing paperwork, and alleviating contact between clients and service technicians. You may like to start with MVP development and scale the project to a full-fledged Innovative Automobile Service Marketplace. When you create such an interactive mobile application or website, it can also come alongside marketplace app development offering car spare parts to buyers. Developing a marketplace app and releasing it may be applicable in the field of the automotive aftermarket industry and give you a fresh view of how to run a used car dealership as well as any other branch of the industry. 

Customers prefer choosing a suitable automobile service from a marketplace app, so get ready to take advantage of technology to expand your business. Celadonsoft is a trusted partner for custom marketplace development services and car service app design to take your car business to the next level. Our team is aware of the best technology and the latest trends in marketing Ideas for car service that will definitely help your business. 

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How can I promote my auto repair business with an app?
Head of Sales

The best way how you can promote your business with an app is to develop an app that will address the users’ problems. Study the potential issues and make the app that resolves them. The solutions may be achieved by introducing in-app features. Payment options, in-app chats, search engines, and quote calculations are must-haves, but your app feature set shouldn’t be limited to these only.

How do you attract customers to auto repair?

Web and mobile apps can become great means to attract customers. Hence, technology has integrated into our lives immensely, as it did with the car service industry. As we prefer to search over the internet for services, so car owners do. It’s much more convenient and faster. So, going for car service app development is worth it when your goal is to attract new customers.

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