Full Guide on How to Create a Music Streaming App like Spotify

30 September 2022 Writer: Lera Grechanik 1027 views

Founded in 2005 Swedish streaming service Spotify is on the crest of a wave. As of the end of 2021, Spotify’s annual revenue was estimated to be 9.67 billion euros. Now, the streaming platform has gained 188 million premium subscribers from all over the Globe. In fact, the premium subscription is Spotify’s primary revenue stream.

Providing for Spotify’s triumph, it seems to be a good idea to take on board music streaming app development following Spotify’s path. 

We made up this write-up for you to figure out how to create a music streaming app and what features are to be built in.

Essential Features to Create Music Streaming App Like Spotify

Before delving into how to make a music streaming app, let’s talk about the must-have features to create a music streaming app.

Sign Up and Log In

Offering multiple signup options contribute to quick access and hence better user experience. If you are going to build your own music streaming app, think over these options:

  • Via e-mail
  • Via Phone number
  • Via apple ID (for iOS users)
  • Via Facebook

Make certain your app has a “forgot password” button. 


Let users search and browse the music or podcasts if you’re going for podcast app development. Make it possible to look for audio by name, album, or author. Spotify's search also does its work based on lyrics, which is a beneficial option. 

Music Player

It goes without saying that a streaming service cannot survive without a player. Equip your app with an easy-to-use player. Also, make listening to audio content a better experience by introducing buttons to add to favorites, mix up or change the queue, or repeat a song or playlist.

Favorite Music Library

Let users add the songs they like into separate playlists. It enhances their engagement and experience of using the app.

Custom Playlists

Imagining a streaming app without the ability to create playlists is hardly possible. So, in order to build a music streaming app like Spotify, bring playlists to it. 

Playlists can be made up in several ways:

  • User create their own playlists
  • Your separate team works together to come up with playlists for various occasions
  • The app itself creates playlists based on the liked and most-listened songs

Users will like to be able to share their collections with friends or on social media.


Customization is a pinpoint feature contributing to user experience. Make it possible to change privacy settings, notifications, audio, account settings, turn on/off automatic downloads, etc.

Sharing to Social Media

When Spotify introduced this feature, the number of users has soared. It managed to attract over 1m users over several days. People love sharing the music they like in Instagram stories, for instance. Also, social media integration makes sign-up easier. 

Offline Mode

Offline mode is highly welcomed by users as it lets them listen to music without an internet connection. The songs are downloaded and stored in the cache of a mobile device. 

Artist and Album Pages

In most cases, listeners will be interested in learning a little more about the album or artist, so consider creating such pages in the app. They should not be overloaded with information. 

On the album page, add the cover art, track list, and year of release.

As for the artist page, here you can add a short bio about the band, genre, and the number of monthly listeners.


Your app can notify users about new releases and other news. 

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Step-by-Step guide on on-demand music app development

Okay, the key features of a music app are decided on. Now let’s talk about what it takes to create an audio streaming app that grants access to music at any time and at any location. . 

Obtaining License

Music is subject to copyright, hence licensing is vital and cannot be skipped. The kind of license depends on the geographical location and media to be streamed. If we're talking about Spotify, it has two:

Sound Recording License agreement grants rights to a recording

Music Composition License agreement grants rights to a composition.

Hire a Team to Develop an Audio Streaming App

Professional development team know how to build a music streaming app and make it work. They will select the most appropriate technologies, ensure data storage, develop a UI/UX design, and deal with development itself. 

Before trusting your project to a music app development company, check their website, view their portfolio, and read their blog, if any. All these will help you to understand if the team is competent enough for you to be happy with the outcome. 

Also, check if the team is able to deliver services at full scale as you require. For instance, Celadonsoft is a full-cycle development studio and takes over not only technical aspects but provides other services tailored for audio app development to make a hit. 


The image of a Spotify-clone app might seem very enticing but you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Start with planning and market research. Discover your target audience, so that you’ll know how to start a music streaming app and build it in a way that will give users all they are looking for. The TA research should result in answering the questions:

  • What is your potential user’s age?
  • What is their lifestyle?
  • Why do they need your app?

Also, study the competitors’ apps that already exist in the market as well as those that have failed. Study their mistakes and drawbacks alongside their strengths.  

Decide on a Platform

Music is listened to mostly on mobile phones. So, the best idea is to make a music streaming app. 

Before setting off a development plan, make up your mind on whether to go for iOS or android audio app development. 

Android covers the biggest share of the market, the iOS users tend to spend more on in-app. Consider thoroughly both of the platforms to decide which one fits you the most. 

It goes without saying, building an app for both will make inroads into the music app market. 

Currently, Spotify is available in the form of OS and Android, Web, and Desktop apps. You can start with a mobile app, and then complement it with a web and/or desktop app for better user comfort. Or you can go to four apps at once.  

UI/UX Design

Spotify has a clear and intuitive design. Audio streaming app UI/UX design is an important requirement nowadays. If you want to retain users, intuitive, attractive, and user-friendly design is a step forward.  


Negotiate with your development team on what you expect to see in the app, the way see it will work, etc. The developers will select the most fitting tech stack to implement your expectations into an app. Once the tech stack is approved, the coding is done. 

At Celadonsoft, the developers remain in close contact with clients. Hence, clients stay in control of every sprint and no hidden processes occur. 


Testing has a flying start right after developers are done with coding. Testers render cover-all testing to fix bugs early on. The app may undergo several testing and fixtures until smooth and quick work is ensured.

Launch MVP

At Celadonsoft, we love MVPs and always recommend starting with them before going for something big. They will secure your resources and efforts if the project will turn out to be ill-fated.

Minimal viable product is pared down but fully functioning iteration of app development. It is fitted with core features and is a good means to test your project. Thanks to the first users’ feedback, you and your team will get insights on how to develop a music streaming app further. 

When starting with MVP development, product scaling is also efficient. 

Launch and Post-launch

Once you have a ready-made streaming app in your pocket, it’s time to drop it onto the Stores. Here’s where the journey starts. The app requires all-around maintenance and support. Think over the next update, what can be done for the app to get better and what can bring more useful for users. 

Music Streaming App Development by Celadonsoft

Music Industry is growing while music apps are included in the TOP-20 of the most popular apps worldwide. Taking into account people’s love for music, one gets clear there’s a demand for music streaming app development. 

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming apps in the world. It gained its momentum and popularity and secured the digital market. Spotify’s success is a good example to follow. 

Celadonsoft is a professional team that has all systems go to deliver an outstanding streaming service that corresponds to all the modern trends and users’ expectations. We provide full-cycle music streaming app development services. Our team will become a reliable partner at a fair and reasonable music streaming app development cost. Contact us to get your foot in the door.

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Why is it a good idea to build a music streaming app like Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services with the total number of premium subscribers of 188 million. It hit a home run and is nowhere near to lose momentum. Following the path of Spotify is a great idea if you want to develop your own music streaming app.


How can I create an audio streaming app?
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I’d recommend you to search for a trustworthy tech partner. The one that will do development, UI/UX design, and provide other services in one-stop. 

Also, you may consider Celadonsoft. We are the team that goes the extra mile to lead your product to success. We don’t just develop but also care about business.


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