Dedicated Application Development Team: What Is It And When To Hire?

12 December 2022 Writer: Lera Grechanik 681 views

In 2020 we had to adopt remote learning. The business realized working outside the office is possible and doesn’t harm efficiency. Instead, it even boosts it. Considering that change, we may ask ourselves: Do we need in-house teams? What if hiring a dedicated app development team will result in the same performance or even a better one? Let’s discuss all the nitty-gritty of a dedicated app development team and find the answers.

What is a Dedicated App Development Team?

First, let’s start with defining the dedicated app development team. A dedicated software development team is a method of cooperation in which an app development agency provides a dedicated team of developers for hire on a long-term basis. The app development team structure may vary, pivoting on your goals and requirements but usually includes the following app development team roles: 

  • Developers: Front-end and back-end, full-stack, and mobile ones;
  • UX/UI designers;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • QA specialists;
  • Business analysts;
  • Project managers.

The development team works on specific projects and stops the work after the goals are achieved. For instance, a customer may decide to hire dedicated app developers when their scope of work stretches beyond the available labor resources and hiring in-house developers seems inefficient. 

Such teams are more manageable to scale up and down religion on the workload, save time on interviewing and onboarding, and are cost-efficient. Let's briefly tackle them:

Time-efficiency: recruiting an in-house team requires time to view applicants’ CVs, conduct interviews, and onboard new employees. An agency providing a dedicated app development team has already done all these. So, you’re hiring interviewed and onboarded professionals.

Cost-efficiency: employment of in-house developers requires various payments: salaries, office rents, sick leaves, vacations, employment benefits, etc. When hiring a dedicated team, you are to pay for the service.

Moreover, it’s wise from the budget allocation point of view. You’ll be relieved from worrying about over-budgeting as, again, you’ll pay a certain amount for the service provided.

More tech PROs to choose from: When it comes to dedicated team hiring, there are no limitations and borders. You may hire specialists from any point on the map.

Scalability and Flexibility: The hiring of dedicated teams is easily scaled up and down. As we said, you don’t have to recruit them but rather request adding a specialist to the hired team by paying more fees. Also, you may change the team composition as soon as the need arises, eliminating risks of project delay and disruptions.

Enormous experience: The specialist that works as a part of the dedicated development team for hire may have quite an impressive background as they work with different companies on various projects. Their extensive expertise may aid you in building a better solution. 

However, the idea to hire dedicated app development team has its own boons; it’s not a good-for-all option. So, yes, it’s time to go into cases when one should consider a dedicated development team model. 

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4 Signs That You Should Hire a Dedicated App Development Team

The decision to hire dedicated app developers is not a magic pill that will undoubtedly solve all the problems. Yet, it’s better to go for in-house developers in some cases, but this article isn’t about it. So, let’s talk about signs to hire a dedicated app development team.

Startup Beginners

The choice to hire dedicated app developers may be a winning option for startups to reach faster growth. Scale the product development team and trust the app development to the engaged mobile app development team to cut costs, save time and develop an app quicker. Startups may leverage the benefits of working with dedicated teams while the in-house team deals with the business's crucial work.

Fuzzy Requirements

Well, developers may face uncertain requirements more often than they’d like to. However, If an idea has no precise requirements and needs a discovery stage. The discovery stage can take months since you need to do many tests, research, and reviews. You increase the chances of answering the user's needs by giving proper attention to this stage. Since this process is time-consuming, you can entrust the technical part to the hired mobile app development team and focus on the discovery stage.

Durable Projects

The idea to hire a dedicated app development team for long and sophisticated app development projects is also worth mentioning. Leveraging the boons of a third-party development team hired may become the key to laying bare the app's full potential. Since developers are robust, highly skilled, and experienced, it will contribute to fulfilling the expectations. Also, since you hire developers as a service, the chance of completing the project increases.

Side Project

At some point, you may arrive at the situation when the user demand outgrew the preposition an app gives. It’s undoubtedly good as it attracts more users with various needs. But what to do when one app isn’t enough to solve all the user’s problems? Facebook’s path and start a side project. As you may know, Facebook has several applications for its purposes. So you can do the same. Hire a dedicated app developer and delegate the creation of supporting apps while you remain focused on developing and maintaining the main app.

Indeed, you may have your reasons for opting for a dedicated team, but the boons remain. Moreover, such an approach was followed by the widely-know startups like Apple, WhatsApp, IBM, Amazon, etc.

Why Celadonsoft Is A Good Choice While Hire a Dedicated App Development Team?

Celadonsoft is an app development team that also provides the services of a dedicated app development team. What makes our team stand out from the others development teams? 

  • Over-the-map presence. Celadonsoft is an international team who works from various locations and time zones.
  • Marvelous Expertise. Our tech specialists constantly engage in diverse projects where they gain experience, knowledge, and skills.
  • Contemporary technology. We’re keen on continuous learning and watching the latest tendencies in the app development field. We actively apply AR, AI, and IoT to the project we’re working on.
  • Scalability. The hired team may be scaled alongside the project evolvement. The talent pool in our company allows for hiring a team for various-sized projects.
  • What’s most important, the team approaches and treats projects as their own, investing the best they have into it. 

Have questions left about Celadonsoft’s dedicated app development team? Ask them here - Celadonsoft will get back to you ASAP.



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When do you need to scale your team?
Project Manager

Your team can't always handle all the tasks that come to your company. In cases when the workload exceeds the human resource capabilities, probably it’s time to scale the product team

Typically, team scaling is required in the following cases:

  • The current team size has become insufficient to work on the product;
  • The essence of the project goes beyond just one product;
  • The marketing campaign is too complex;
  • The project exceeds human resources.


You can always turn to Celadonsoft to find the right people for your project. There are many talented employees here who can help your business.


What is the most effective way to scale a development team?
Project Manager

Projects may come in all kinds of complexity. In the process of creating applications, there comes a time when you need to scale the product development team.

We offer below steps on what to do when scaling up a team as a PRO manager:

  • Determining scaling goals;
  • Determining the size of the team;
  • Setting up project management;
  • Maintaining balance within and between teams.

The wisely scaled team will increase your performance.


It seems like my team is not able to handle the current workload. What can I do?
Software Engineer

Sooner or later the current team may find that it is not enough for the current workload. This may happen for several reasons. For instance, increase in the number of projects, the projects get more complicated or a project concept required a side app. Whatever the reason for the issue, expanding the team may become a solution.

The important point here is to make it wisely. Erroneous scaling may lead to teamwork disruptions.


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