Augmented Reality

Make engaging AR Experiences

What is Augmented Reality?

AR’s main objective is to augment reality by digital elements. Computer-generated content is overlaid onto the real world to create AR. It may seem difficult, but there’s no doubt you’ve already used AR technology.

Celadon delivers AR services, developing apps with outstanding 2D/3D graphics and extraordinary real-world experiences based on AR/VR technologies, sensors, cameras, device processors and displays.

  • AR experience design

    We make the user experience engaging and immersive using UXD principles, sounds, motion graphics, and splendid content
  • Custom AR development

    At Celadon, we develop AR apps that supplement the real-world picture and make the whole process interactive. For that, we use video streaming, image recognition, and 3D rendering
  • Hardware-level development

    Having broad experience in server-side solutions, cameras, GPS and accelerometers, we can handle AR solutions integration with any hardware

Industries we implement AR technology in


AR can be used to make the user experience engaging and provide the user with important information. AR can be used in showcasing catalogs with 3D content, virtual dressing rooms, product comparisons, and special offers.

Marketing & advertising

Augmented Reality can complete advertising with 3D effects or real-world elements. AR also helps virtually to try a product or fit it in real space.

Tourism & culture

Virtual tours, eye-tracking applications, sightseeing, spot guidance, monument supplements, engaging content for museums and art galleries, and many more.

Gaming & entertainment

We can develop solutions for VR theatres, sport or concerts. Games can be improved using 3D add­ons, interactive feedback or sounds.

Real estate & interior

Using 3D and 360-degree videos help show buildings from any angle inside and out. Superimposition is often used to show if an architecture change fits in the real-world environment.


Using AR/VR technology and 3D imaging we provide visualization for a better patient examination. We can offer EdTech solutions for healthcare providers, patients, and medical students.


We can help make the learning process immersive. 3D models, VR classes, gaming, videos, and animations provide an exciting journey for students.


Picking process, cargo loading, warehouse planning, check loading and shipping options, and customer support can be easily optimized with AR technology.

We cover

We cover

  • Backend

    Application backend
  • Drivers, SDK/API integration
  • Machine learning
  • Interaction logic
  • Third-party solutions integration
  • Image recognition
  • Frontend

    Application UX/UI
  • Scene rendering
  • 3D modelling
  • Administration

    Application performance tuning
  • CRM and CMS integration
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Business Intelligence
Platform for Marketing

A SaaS MVP based on web scraping, data analytics, and data visualization. Used to provide insights about competitors and market, provide pricing recommendations.


Fleet Management

Business software for remoting management of workers, vehicles and routing optimization. Based on GPS tracking, orders distribution and Big Data. Web and Mobile system includes cloud backend.


Risk Assessment

A data analytics module that can forcast insurance risks based on the user parameters compared to the custom unique dataset of huge insurance history.

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