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We help you create the best native apps for smartphones, tablets and special wear running in Android

Android OS

World’s widely used and most accepted smartphone platform since 2010, with the largest market share of 75%. Its open-source code and licensing model empower device manufacturers, network providers, and developers to create free customized solutions.

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Wear OS

Android Wear takes smartwatches beyond the perception “one size fits all.” You can now express your style while still being intact with you your phone. Check out message alerts, track your activity and get help from your Google Assistant.

Android TV

Android TV now has a built-in Google Assistant. Say the magic “Ok Google,” or press the microphone button on your remote to watch the latest trending movies, check out the score of a sports game, or simply change the lights — all while laying down and watching TV.


Now you can add several fingerprints and use them to unlock the device and even perform different tasks. Fingerprint Hardware Interface Definition Language (HIDL) powered by Android is used to connect to a vendor-specific library and fingerprint hardware.


These days more people are making purchases using their smartphones, thanks to the development of mobile payment services. Android Pay created by Google is integrated on Android smartphones and Wear-based smartwatches to let you pay either way you want. Google’s mobile payment system is designed for easy purchases items online and at physical stores.


The latest version of Android supports the simultaneous display of several running apps. On handheld devices, it can be set as two apps side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode. On TV devices, the app looks like a picture-in-picture, so you can easily resume video playback while using another app.


Widgets are a centerpiece of a customizable home screen. They allow users to quickly access important information at glance right from the phone’s home screen. They can be moved across several home screens, resized and tailored according to your preferences.


Android allows you manage the phone’s notifications by silencing them or mark as “alerting”. For convenience purposes those are separated in the notifications bar, so you see don’t miss anything important and stay calm by avoiding unnecessary alerts.

Motion sensors

Most devices running on Android have built-in sensors. They are used so that the phone can react to simple motion such as tilt, shake, rotation, or swing, measure orientation, and respond to environmental conditions. Motion sensors are used to monitor the position of the device but combined with other sensors they make it possible to determine your geo.

React Native for native applications development

Along with Java and Kotlin development, we work with React Native. It is widely used by teams who are developing apps that support Android and iOS at the same time. It’s very handy if you don’t have reasons to use pure native development.

The popular JavaScript framework React Native keeps the original quality and performance while it’s 30% faster than pure native development for Android and iOS-based apps. It’s a cost-saving solution that will save you time and allow you to use half of your frontend budget for better purposes.

Google Play

To build an application ready for a release and not launch it is like buying an expensive watch and leaving it on the shelf to collect dust. It sounds like a waste of money, right? With us, you are in good hands as we consider the project to be finished only after your app is approved on Google Play. Even after you start collecting your first users, we’re there to help you with system maintenance and support.


Food Ordering App For Restaurants Network

Ordering application made with delivery, geolocation, built-in customer behavior analytics, and personalized suggestions. Made to up-sale.


Dating App

A wonderful animation-heavy dating app we’ve developed from scratch using React Native and Python. It allows users to search, match and chat with others while keeping their Photos blurred before the match.


Endurance Riding Timing Application

Horse riding sport events application that provides timing and statistics data of upcoming, live and past races held in UAE.

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